How smoking opened my eyes.

I used to smoke. Yep! I did! Many who only know me in recent years don’t always believe me. I loved it, I knew the dangers of it and yet it fit well in my lifestyle at that time.

Mid 2000s I was in Las Vegas for a wedding and the mother of the bride (a retired nurse) was giving me a hard time about my smoking. I did as I had done many times- “yea yea thank you, I know” attitude with a polite, but leave me alone smile. After several conversations she then asked, “when did you stop loving yourself?” ….

Now that hit home. I left a few days later and returned home with this question in my heart. It took another few months before I truly made the effort to quit. Unlike the failed attempts prior, this time felt different. It was terrible- that quitting process. It’s amazing how addicting one can be. I was that person as might be you or one of your loved ones.

Some moments my only goal was getting through those next few minutes.

Constantly on the mind… During the end of the first week I started playing with breath work and that ended up being my savior!! This season for me was also an introduction to self love.

I knew I was addicted to the nicotine, but after that ran its’ course physically…. I realized it was the deep breaths that I was missing. When you inhale while smoking, that deep breath becomes a part of your daily routine. You’re filling your lungs with carcinogens but it’s a deep breathe nonetheless.

Since this time: Deep breathing, meditation and learning self love have strengthened me in infinite ways and it can be useful in so many situations.

Stresses, anxiousness, weight loss goals, anger, not feeling well, tired… the list goes on. Before life throws the next challenge at you- take cleansing deep breaths, read a few quotes or books on self love, learn how to relax your body/mind, and practice the art of meditation. A few minutes daily. You’ll be better ready for that next challenge life throws at you!

Best to you,

Julie of Rawesomely

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  1. Lyndsey L July 2, 2021 at 8:11 pm - Reply

    This resonates with me so much! I was addicted to cigarettes for 9 years and quit smoking a little bit over 3 years ago. It was tough at first, but feeling the way I feel now was so worth it.. indescribable!

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