I once asked a 100-year-old what her secret to a long healthy life was- she said “I drink a cup of Green Tea every day”. That was nice of her to share I thought. Then I met my 96-year-old friend…. wait until you read this!!

Have you ever known somebody who repeats themselves or at least the points of their story many, many, many … times over again?

When someone does this, I believe they either have a mild cognitive disorder or they believe so convincingly of what they preach. I know this case was the latter. He was trying to help me, by sharing his secrets that helped him live a long vibrant life.

Please know that I say all the above with the utmost respect and gratitude.

These guides, for a long youthful life, are ingrained in my head, as well as is the voice, enthusiasm and the body language of the man who shared these pearls with me.

My friend is 96 years old and livelier than many others half his age. When he was 92 and the CEO of his startup company (which I am a minor shareholder in), I asked if he needed any help with aspects of the business that fit my background.

What I thought would be a year to help move the business along – a few hours a week… turned into three years of 10-20 hours a week. Most of which I volunteered my time. What I learned during this adventure has been a true blessing. This man (I’ll call him Dean) took me under his wings and shared his knowledge, his thought processes, his life experiences, and story after story about lessons that he had learned along the way.

Perhaps he shared these stories with me because I reminded him of someone he used to know. Perhaps he tells his knowledge to anyone willing to listen. Perhaps it was I- who was meant to share his guides. Perhaps a lot of things fell perfectly into place. Occasionally life happens that way- right?

If a 96-year-old is willing to share his secrets of what has worked for his longevity and peace of mind- who am I to argue or question it?? Once you continue reading, you will see just how simple some of these tips are. I would feel guilty keeping them to myself.

Anyone younger than him (which is nearly everyone) is a youngin’. It’s funny how sometimes we lose track of age. I think I stopped counting my age after 26. I sometimes even talk to somebody who looks 26 and I think in my head- we’re close in age… I’m laughing because my 20s and 30s are gone at this point. I could be this 26 year old’s parent in reality. Being 96 must be a little different in that – you know : no one is your age, so you automatically think of them as a youngin’.

I hope I am able to set the stage on just how unusual this opportunity was. I never worked in a nursing home and no one in my family has lived longer than 84. So I knew I had better listen to the advice.

Now the order below is not necessarily the order of importance.
Here We Go!
1.) One of the first tips for a long and youthful life is proper AMINO ACIDS !! Let’s start by differentiating Macro vs Micro Nutrients: Macronutrients (which can be tracked on many apps) are the carbohydrates, fats and proteins found in our food that the body uses for energy and essentiallyliving.

The amino acids on the other hand – or the Micronutrients (equally as important as the macronutrients) are called the building blocks of our bodies. They are needed for most of the processes that the body needs-such as skin and tissue regeneration, immune function and nutrient absorption. Yes- they’re important!

Where do we find these amino acids? Do I get enough? Can this be the cause of some of my complaints? I need to know more!!!

This report is an overview of what my 96 year old friend does consistently, but stick with me and my future reports if it resonates with you because amino acids will be one category I will write more about!!

Your body needs 20 different amino acid combinations for the different functions they need to perform.

They are split into Two categories: Non essential (Amino acids your body produces) and Essential.

Of the 20 amino acids, 9 are considered Essential Amino Acids:
These Nine Essential Amino Acids are not made by your body and must be ingested via your diet. When you eat foods rich in protein it is broken into these amino acids and then they aid your body in using them for their specific purpose.

Below is a chart of the Essential Amino Acids (think of eating: meat, fish, eggs, seeds, nuts, dairy, soy, beans…).

Now if you are concerned you may not be getting enough essential amino acids, I have some additional information I will share in a day or two, so be sure to see the email. Also there’s Conditional Amino Acids- these are important when the body is under stress or illness.

histidine Helps with kidney function &
immune system (Get those toxins
isoleucine Helps build muscle and controls
blood sugar. May boost energy!
lysine Helps muscle growth, may be
beneficial in the stress hormone
cortisol. A remedy for cold sores
methionine Helps liver function
phenylalanine Aids the Brain in learning and
coping functionality
threonine Helps with connective tissue,
bone strength (including teeth)
and wound healing
tryptophan Sleep regulation
leucine Tissue regeneration and
valine Energy production and Immune
System response

Also there’s Conditional Amino Acids- these are important when the body is under stress or illness.

Arginine is considered a non essential and conditional amino acid . If your body is fighting diseases- please speak to your doctor about taking this amazing healer.

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