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Guided by Instinct. What does that mean?? Let me explain… but first…

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Guided by Instinct is our tag line. So what exactly does that mean?

I’ll start to tell you. To us, it represents our gut feeling. Our intuition. Our instincts.

Too often in life our minds can play tricks on us. We overthink scenarios or worry about situations that haven’t actually occurred.
We tell ourselves we are preparing for the “what if’s”. Sometimes preparing for the possibilities is a good thing.
That’s why we buy back up generators, cut wood for fires, purchase extra soap or toilet paper.
Keep extra batteries in the house…

However, there are many, many, many times we worry about the “what if’s” that never needed to be worried about to begin with.
We wasted that time worrying. We lived in the future of possibilities. When we do that- we miss out on the now.
The now is all we have.
The future may not happen as it happened in your mind. Factors of life can change our future every second of the day.
So living in the now is so important.
Not only for your own peace of mind, but being present in the now allows you to show up for the others in your life,
and they will see and feel that too.
How much happier can you be by focusing on the now. Living in the future is one example of how your mind can trick you.
Instead we need to silence our mind and listen to our instincts- our gut. What else can interfere???

Your heart…. now that’s another beast for another day. We will pick up on the heart in a few days.

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