I haven’t been this excited in a while (like total yahoo!!)!!! Lululemon is coming on board with their mushroom-based yoga accessories! They are joining in on the mushroom trend along with designer Stella McCartney, Adidas, and possibly Keurig. It appears it will be available in 2022, but how awesome is this for the mushroom!

Mylo is the non-leather grown from the mycelium of mushroom. It actually goes through a tannery process similar to leather and can be made as durable as leather. Other competitors call their versions of this bio fabric: Myco. I know there are several companies competing in this space.

From my reading it will be expensive at first, but as supply ramps up, costs should decrease! Consume mushroom with Rawesomely (soon!) Embrace the sustainability and amazing benefits of the mushroom with them!!

So happy!!

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