In December 2021, Rawesomely had a promotion that was geared at providing Rawesomely Starts: Greens, Reds, Enzymes and Medicinal Mushroom mix to FP of WNY- a short term homeless shelter in Buffalo NY. We are proud to announce we had a handful of friends who ended up purchasing a case each. We will be sending the product to the families in the shelter next week!

Next Up- Medicinal Mushrooms are on the rise. Huge growth trends continue in North America and it looks like this will continue for several years! People are educating themselves on the benefits of balancing our body’s stressors. The less inflammation we have, the less stress we have, the more healthier our bodies are and the less chronic illness develops. Our survival is truly about helping our immune system balance (bring harmony to) our bodies. Mushrooms are key!

In case you missed it- Rawesomely had an article published in 471 publications!! Yes you read that right. It was picked up 471 times!! You can click here to read:
Rawesomely ALSO had a first interview with the Conor J Long Foundation from Hamburg, NY. We were featured in their 12 small businesses of Christmas Series.

Thank you for an incredible 1st year!



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