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Living. This I’ve pondered for a long time. What’s it mean to you? How many of us live in the grey? In a place where we are always protected and safe. I did!

Suppressed feelings, smiling but numbed on the inside, worrying what others would think or say, not loving all those around me, yet people pleasing all in the name of not being vulnerable. Not getting hurt. Closing my heart. I thought I was living the best life I could in a broken world.

I was wrong.

At moments there are still struggles – probably forever but I learned that’s not living. At least-Not how I want to live.

We’re meant to be open in our hearts and minds.

We’re meant to let our guard down.

We’re meant to feel. The good and the bad.

Pain is real and possible and is needed for us in order to continue growing. Thankful for the good and not fearful of setbacks. Don’t be stagnant in life and welcome all that life has to offer.

Live. Feel. Love. Connect.

Julie of Rawesomely

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